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Slot Machine Review: Viking Runecraft

Fans of Marvel’s superhero flicks who get giddy whenever Thor and Loki discuss mythology with Hannibal Lector will likely enjoy Play’n GO’s Viking Runecraft slot. This slot machine is jam-packed with mystical Norse mythology and has top-notch animations and extra features that will have you coming back for more.

About the Slot Machine Game Viking Runecraft

Unlike most other online slots, the Viking Runecraft game is a cascading video slot that takes place on a 7×7 grid. Instead of symbols appearing on spinning reels, they fall into place in the grid to create winning combos. When you line up at least five symbols in a row or column and they contact each other, you have made a winning combination. When a winning combination is made, the contributing symbols vanish and the next available symbol falls into position. This process of cascading continues as long as new winning combinations may be formed.

The Symbols, Bonus Rounds, and Features of the Viking Runecraft Slot

Along with a rainbow of rune stones, you may look forward to the impending drop of axes, hammers, amulets, and helmets, all of which have their roots in Norse mythology. The four wilds in Viking Runecraft are based on the Norse gods and goddesses Thor, Odin, Freya, and Heimdall, who you may recognize from the wildly successful Hall of Gods jackpot slot.

It should be noted that the brilliantly named Metre of Destruction gets charged after every victory throughout a gaming round. The following four charge ‘effects’ are triggered after this meter is full (and no more cascades may fall):

The enticement of Loki: Pick any two symbols, and then switch them all out for the other.

Surtr is scorched; three symbols are ablaze. After then, a variable number of neighboring symbols will catch fire and be destroyed. There will be a cluster of newly revealed matching symbols that will result in a victory.

In the Judgment of Jörmungandir, a spooky serpent snakes from one side of the grid to the other, tearing apart symbols and transforming some of them into identical, at-random images.

The Fury of Fenrir entails the merciless removal of four diagonal lines of symbols and the transformation of the remaining two into corresponding symbols.

The Ragnarok Free Spins feature is activated if the Charge of Destruction meter is filled twice in a single spin, or if the meter is expanded by twenty symbols while the feature is active.

Gaining a Rank

When you make a winning combination, a pattern behind the grid lights up in blue and then yellow. Turning the full grid yellow grants you access to a little Leveling Up bonus. Worry not; this only means that one of the following Norse gods will materialize and bestow upon you a random ability.

The hammer of Thor substitutes for any symbol on reels 2-5.

Odin, the all-knowing old man, causes two adjacent pairs of wilds to emerge on the grid in a vertical orientation.

The goddess of loveliness, Freya, randomly puts a group of four squares on the board until a winning combination appears.

The guardian deity Heimdall sprinkles one wild card over each column.

If you clear a pattern, you can play the Runes of Valhalla extra game, which is similar to Wheel of Fortune and awards the cash reward shown in the top left corner of the screen if you strike a rune.

The Viking Runecraft slot machine offers everything necessary to keep even the pickiest of gamers satisfied, including original gameplay, fascinating extra features, and crucial huge winnings.

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